Omega J8004 Nutrition Center

Juicer is need of almost every kitchen. As a juice lover or you can say juicer lover I have used more than 50 juicers so far. And I found omega is best in making best industry masticating juicers. I personally have faced no issue while using omega juicers.

Omega is one of the famous brand in making juicers. Like other famous model omega also made another famous omega model j8004. This model is one of the famous model before launch of omega j8006. Due to its unique features it is also in the list of best omega juicers .

Omega has launched many models after j8004 but still this model is famous and have good customer rating. One of the main reason which can attract is its long life juicing capacity with quiet machine.

Omega j8004 has many features which rank this machine higher than other juicer. Its main attraction is longest warranty. 15 years. This warranty can make you feel safe when you decide to buy.

Slow 80 rpm juicer makes this model more long lasting. This slow rpm enable this juicer to extract high juice yields.

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This omega j8004 juicer works with low heat and oxidation. Its low RPM make this machine more user friendly due to less heating.

This juicer extract maximum amount of juices from almost every type of fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, and all hard and soft fruits.

This is make nuts into butter, make pasta, grind coffee beans, types of herbs, frozen desserts and a lot of other juices.

It extract high juice yields and ejects dry pulp. Its dual stage mote make this juicer better because dual gear juicer always gives high yields then single gear juicers

I have personally use this machine and found this machine a good masticating juicer which almost every kitchen needs. After reading reviews of all other customer who bought this juicer I found that this juicer is still one of the best masticating juicer made by Omega.


  • Long lasting 15 years warranty
  • Dual stage gear
  • Quietest model of omega
  • Consume less electricity

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